A new Legacy

The idea of creating these elegant, bespoke timepieces derived from having inherited several Swiss watches from my grandfather, Henry (1908-2006), that I could not pass on to my Children as intended. A new Legacy was born.

Being a competitive sailor, representing both Sweden and USA in sailing world Championships over 4 decades, I have an obsession for high precision & accuracy. The luxurious sport-chic design blends form with essential functionality: displaying time, date, compass courses, starting-line settings and projecting lay-lines.

Litetime guarantee

Hand crafted by experts from Sweden, Switzerland and Japan, your watch should serve you a lifetime. The Chosen ETA Movement will be accurate and reliable, the ethos behind the fabiansson brand.
Choosing an exquisite item from Fabiansson timepieces, I personally guarantee you will enjoy your piece of art for many years to come.

For any upgrades or repair, please return your timepiece back to the product facility for a free service. During this time we will offer you a complimentary watch until your timepiece has been restored to optimum functionality.

— Martin Fabiansson —

* Warranty is limited to the first owner of the timepiece. This Lifetime warranty is 60 years from purchasing date. Please return a copy of the Certificate and proof of ownership to timepiece@fabiansson.com

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